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Ad-Supported TV is Taking a Big Hit

2020 has been a rollercoaster ride when it comes to almost everything. But now surveying some of those ups and downs, one of the big losers has been broadcast TV.

According to this article:

The Big Four broadcast networks all fell at least 10 percent in total viewers and 12 percent or more in the key ad-sales demographic of adults 18-49 from 2019 to 2020. The CW bled 25 percent of its total audience and 40 percent in the 18-49 demo.

Cable, for the most part, also received quite a drubbing. While news, unsurprisingly, had a stellar year, most other channels saw significant declines in viewership.

What happened?

Well, as you know, production schedules went all wonky and new content to grab people’s attention was not nearly at the pace that we’re used to. And if that content is not there then the viewership is probably going to decline as well.

With protocols being followed, and a vaccine being administered at a quickened pace, there is growing confidence that content can once again be back on track some time in 2021. But there are concerns that with the wealth of other streaming options the cows may be out of the barn.

After all, if people get used to turning on Netflix instead of NBC then it’s going to take a lot to bring people back.

And figuring out what is needed to get viewers back is going to take more than just taking guesses. Because the more time it takes the more of that audience is going to leave.

In this way, AI may be the most effective and cost-efficient way to draw people in again.

With Resonance AI, being able to look at the elements inside the content gives creators a deeper perspective on what is actually being seen by the audience. Then, by making millions of connections between those elements and our metrics of what viewers are actually finding compelling, the most resonant elements of the content can then be identified.

This means that when making new episodes of current shows or creating new ones, a look into what exactly is working, and what isn't, will allow for far more nuanced and reliable decisions on how to make a hit.

Ad-supported TV not only needs to stop losing audience, but bring them back as quickly as possible. With tools like Resonance AI, they will be well-equipped to know exactly what those viewers are wanting to see.

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