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Advertisers are Turning Away From Linear TV

Things everywhere are changing, so we shouldn’t be surprised that advertisers are sitting up and taking notice.

According to this article, “[Connected TV] advertising in the US has increased 25% in 2020, with ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) revenue up 31% and digital upfront TV ad spend up 11%, despite the downturn in traditional TV advertising.”

This means, quite simply, that while linear TV has long been the place to spend ad dollars, the shift towards digital may be here to stay and likely continue to increase.

What this means for advertisers is that they are putting their ads in places where even larger amounts of data are being collected, which in turn makes it fertile ground for AI.

If advertisers are airing their commercials where viewer behaviors are being recorded they can get a much broader, more accurate understanding of what commercials are impacting audiences both negatively and positively. With AI making millions of connections between the ad content and viewer behaviors, advertisers are given big advantages not available through linear TV.

First, they can see what elements in the ads are resonating or falling flat with viewers, which is critical for creative.

Secondly, by breaking down the elements of their ads they will have a better understanding of what other content they best mesh with and what audience they best appeal to.

And finally, OTT/CTV using this kind of AI analysis themselves will lead to them creating and presenting content with an eye on greater engagement for viewers, keeping the audience watching more of everything that's on screen.

Linear TV is far from over, but for advertisers looking to create better, more impactful ads, digital TV and AI are too valuable to ignore.

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