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Can Cable News Save Itself?

There are plenty of reports out there that show cable news is taking a hit. But that hit feels like it came from a semi-truck, as 2021 has shown a shocking decrease in viewership.

True, it’s hard to beat the election/pandemic combo from 2020, but when a network like CNN has lost 45% of its audience, things are bad. Very bad.

As we mentioned, CNN is looking towards a possible streaming service, which would change the dynamics of all of this, but there are plenty of reasons why they, along with MSNBC and Fox, want people to still keep tuning in.

But to keep people from seeking out news on their Facebook feeds and in so many other nooks and crannies of the internet, these networks need to drill down into what will bring their audience back.

And AI is how they can figure it out.

By using a platform like Resonance AI to see what elements are keeping people watching, these networks can start crafting their shows with a much finer eye, emphasizing everything that maintains viewership.

News can only report on what is happening, but by looking back at their programming when ratings were skyrocketing, along with the viewer behaviors, they will get a better understanding of what their viewers were drawn to. This will lead them to craft their shows that both focus on a certain kind of story as well as deliver it in a fashion that has the greatest impact.

It’s the kind of strategy that utilizes objective data for networks to make their own decisions, by seeing what the analysis shows, but also given the freedom to figure out how to use it, and exactly what kind of content to craft. This means that a computer won’t be deciding on the content and talent, but rather offering crucial tools that will help make day-to-day decisions about what content will maintain and even grow audience.

Cable news is in a tough spot, and they can’t just sit around and hope for enough newsworthy content to pop up to keep them alive. They need to take serious, smart steps towards a new model and Resonace AI can get them there.

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