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Can News Survive the Streaming Wars?

Just when you thought streaming was slowing down, CNN is reportedly looking at their own service. This would not be the first, but definitely the largest foray into news-based streaming so far.

The details are still quite sketchy, but it shows that media believes there are still plenty of opportunities, even ones that diverge from reality TV and limited series.

But for a news-heavy streaming service to really succeed they would need to have a firm grasp on what is going to pull in subscribers and, more importantly, what is going to keep them watching.

All cable news has taken a nosedive since the 2020 election, so right now there isn’t exactly a built-in audience clamoring for more CNN. So for them to find a wellspring of new viewers, CNN must understand what the viewers want. And AI is the easiest way to figure it out.

By using a platform like Resonance AI, CNN would be able to start digging into the elements of their current programming that are truly resonating with their audience.

Instead of trying to guess whether the hosts, stories, editing, music or other factors are resonating with the audience, Resonance AI can determine which of these the viewers want to see more of and what makes them want to turn it off.

This then offers invaluable insights into what kind of programming the network can start building that will immediately start attracting viewers.

Then, the streamer can use Resonance AI to begin gauging the impact of the streaming content on the audience when it begins to air. Instead of waiting to see retention numbers, there will be far better metrics that the platform surfaces to show the genuine interest of the audience. And this means that changes can be made much quicker, before these viewers tune out forever.

Not every streaming idea is going to last, but with an objective, data-focused approach, a successful streaming news network could be a reality.

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