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Can Streaming Commercials Get Better?

If there is one place advertisers want to drop their dollars right now, it’s with streaming services. According to this article the shift is nothing short of seismic:

This year U.S. advertisers will spend $11.36 billion on streaming TV commercials, according to EMarketer, up from $8.11 billion in 2020.

But while you would think this means the best commercials are what you’ll find on Hulu or Discovery+, it turns out that this is kind of a terrible time right now to watch commercials on these services. Also from the article:

Brad Adgate, an industry consultant, says the current state of the business is reminiscent of the early days of cable TV, when advertisers bought commercials on new channels like MTV or USA with no way of knowing whether they were getting their money’s worth…’It was the Wild West back then, as it is now with streaming…’”

The problems with a lot of these ads is that they are not targeted, there are a lot (a lot) of repeated ads and while buying is up, confidence in what is being purchased is a big question mark.

So how can this be fixed? In terms of better targeting ads, at least, AI could be a game changer.

With the Resonance AI Platform, streamers could get an analysis of all of their series and determine the elements that are truly resonating with their audience. Then, by analyzing the content of the available ads, they could see which of these ads most syncs with what viewers want to see.

This method both allows current ads to be placed with their most appropriate, and gives streamers an understanding of what kind of future ads would actually be the best match with their content. This creates a better viewing experience while giving advertisers more confidence that their ads are making an impact.

Streaming is the future. And ads are absolutely going to be a part of the equation. The best way to make everyone happy is by using Resonance AI.

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