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Disney+ is Slowing Down

Since its debut, Disney+ has been considered the Netflix killer. With a jaw-dropping number of initial sign-ups, a packed library and movies like Black Widow being up on the platform (for an additional fee), it seemed like the streamer was on track to become the biggest one out there.

But reality is settling in.

While Netflix growth slowed in the first quarter, so did Disney+. And while Netflix needs to stay on track to maintain its crown, it still has twice as many subscribers as Disney+. And Disney+ fell about six million subs short in their recent report.

This in no way means that Disney is in trouble. Having 100 million subscribers is nothing to sneeze at, and there is no close third when it comes to those kinds of numbers. But predictions of Disney+ overtaking Netflix sooner than later may have been premature. At the moment it seems like Disney may need to consider some new strategies if they want to hit those future goals.

And AI, especially in this instance, could be a crucial tool for the company.

Disney’s library is stunning, a comprehensive collection of content that goes back decades. But that also makes it difficult for library optimization to really know what a person wants to watch. That is in part because Disney+ is using general ideas of what the content is to make connections. But by using technology that takes a deeper look at the video, Disney could have far greater insights into what elements this content shares, and make far more nuanced suggestions to viewers.

The other major advantage is when looking to produce more content. Disney+ has had some incredibly successful shows so far, but they need to produce more original programming to if they want to convince more people to sign up.

By using Resonance AI scoring of what the audience most enjoys about these shows, they will be on much firmer footing when figuring out what to produce more of. Instead of just getting feedback about Star Wars or the MCU, they will be able to have a better idea of what elements to include or exclude with other original content.

Disney has the money and resources to fight and they have plenty of runway to become to the top streamer out there. But if they want to set themselves up for that success, they need the kind of innovation they can get with Resonance AI.

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