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How Sports Can Change Streaming

Netflix is the king of streaming, and no one sees them being dethroned any time soon. But there is one thing Netflix doesn’t have that provides an opening for a lot of other platforms: sports.

Expect [HBO Max, Peacock and Paramount+] to make live sports a big part of their sales pitch. These events have built-in, loyal fan bases who will pay to watch. What's more, sports is one of the few types of programming Netflix doesn't offer.

Sports are, of course, one of the things that broadcast and cable are endlessly fighting over, and streaming platforms are seeing success in multiple ways already. Disney+ also offers ESPN+ and Peacock was going to make its debut with the Olympics.

In fact, considering that something like the Super Bowl is one of the crown jewels of broadcast TV, platforms understandably want to see who in that crowd they can lure over.

And just like with any other kind of video entertainment, these streamers will be in the business of figuring out what people want to watch and how to keep them tuned in.

While the leagues themselves are always looking for ways to make games more compelling, using AI these streaming platforms could inject a whole new perspective into what fans want to see and what they would prefer to skip past or ignore.

With something like the Resonance AI platform, streamers could see the elements of games that are truly impacting the audience. This doesn’t mean that they would change the rules, but rather they could know how the pacing of cameras, the announcing and other aspects of the production itself are resonating. Instead of just banking on an exciting game, producers can see how to make the presentation as effective as possible.

Streamers have plenty of ideas on how to bring in new customers, and sports is one of the best kinds of content at their disposal. In other words, sports can change streaming as much as streaming can change sports.

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