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How to Satisfy Viewers' Privacy Concerns: Make it Worth Their While

As technology progresses, the ability to discern what people want becomes easier and easier. But there is a catch. Privacy has become a major topic with audiences, where they have understandable concerns about their information going out into the wild without a clear understanding of what is happening with it.

“The focus has to shift to providing services that truly benefit consumers,” Mr. Kodige said. “And if they decide the benefits they’re getting does not merit a structure where data is being collected, they should be able to limit it.”

It is very true that consumers should be able to limit what kind of personal data is given out, and it is also very true that the data which is taken should be beneficial. This is why, when it comes to data that is being collected by smart TVs and streamers, the audience should feel confident that this data will help them.

And with AI, this kind of data is exactly what is needed to create stronger recommendation engines and better content.

Resonance AI, for example, would be using second-by-second audience data from a streamer. This means that every move by a viewer would be one of the connections used to determine what is resonating with them and what isn’t.

For example, each time a viewer turns off a show, or pauses it, or watches the whole thing, that becomes one valuable data point. And millions of these data points, which are all viewer behaviors, can then be connected to the actual elements of the content.

This means that while there would be no personal data about the viewer, all of their reactions would help the AI determine what inside the content is actually impacting the audience and what is not quite hitting the mark.

It would also be able to identify the elements in different kinds of content that certain viewers may enjoy but aren’t immediately obvious. And it would be almost impossible to pinpoint without machine learning and this incredibly complex analysis.

Privacy will continue to be a concern and viewers should know exactly what they’re giving up, and exactly what value they’ll get in return.

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