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Is Disney+ Playing it Too Safe?

If you have a kid who is still obsessed with Frozen then there is one streaming service you absolutely need. But while Disney+ is the only place to see an array of family friendly fare, the company owns plenty of more adult material that they are not streaming.

Is that about to change?

This article linked us to a “leaked” trailer for Disney+ that not only revealed release dates for some upcoming films but also boasted of an 18+ section that would finally bring all of Disney’s R-rated content onto the platform.

Though most people believe this leak is just a really well done hoax, it is so well done that a lot of people are excitedly talking about what could be.

The consensus is that Disney will not be able to make it to that next level and truly challenge Netflix if it can’t show more adult fare. A streamer that has all the Marvel films but won’t show its Deadpool movies or Logan is saying loud and clear that they are only concerned with a certain subset of the potential viewing audience.

By opening up an R-rated section, Disney+ would not only have a home for its itinerant content, but it would show potential subscribers that if they sign up they won’t just be searching through old episodes of Ducktales after six weeks.

But if Disney were to take this leap, then they would also need to figure out the trickiness of how to surface the appropriate content while still keeping the 18+ and family content segregated.

This is how AI can be used for maximum efficiency.

By tracking the behaviors of those who view Disney+, the company can make some strategic decisions and how to let the two sides co-mingle as well as make determinations on what level of adultness viewers are okay with.

By breaking down the elements of the content, and making millions of connections with viewer data, Disney+ will be able to see what kinds of content may be too much for the average viewers. Instead of trying to guess a film has too much cursing or nudity or violence, they can start seeing where the audience is turning content off and if they return.

This large-scale analysis can lead to strategies around what content can breach that dividing line, and what content should be pushed back, still available but not openly promoted near everything else.

After all, the explosive debut of Disney+, and the success of its crown jewel The Mandalorian, proves that this platform has a lot going for it.

But by utilizing AI, it can deliver more robust content that can exist in a space which doesn’t tarnish the all-ages image Disney wants to protect above all else.

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