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Is Roku Doing Quibi Better Than Quibi?

Quibi will always be remembered as one of the great disasters of this still early time of streaming.

Almost 2 billion dollars burned through didn't even keep the the phone-based platform going for six months, and after the dust settled, its content was sold to Roku.

And, as far as Roku is concerned, it was a steal. According to this article:

Roku said the first wave of Quibi content significantly boosted viewership of the Roku Channel, which is available in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. In the second quarter of 2021, the Roku Channel saw streaming hours more than double, per the company...

This is especially important as Roku has found itself doing well on revenue and subscribers but seeing their viewing numbers drop off a cliff. That means that cheap, actually pretty good content produced by Quibi may be exactly what they need.

And this shows that yes, the shows deserved better. But the Roku/Quibi situation won't be the last one. Sooner rather than later, another streaming platform is going to find its existence unsustainable and look for a place to sell their content.

But how will another streamer know if that content is right for them? AI can certainly help decide.

By analyzing both their current library, and the libraries that are for sale, platforms can quickly get a sense of whether the content is in sync.

But more importantly, by looking at how the libraries are truly resonating with audiences, platforms can understand exactly what kind of viewers they would be trying to appeal to.

They can look at what elements of their content their audience has been engaged with, and then by using AI on the other library, they can see what will likely win over audiences and what may not be a good fit.

In other words, they can gain valuable insights into how this content would enrich their library and how they it would cater to the audience they want to keep happy.

Not every streamer can succeed. But no content should go to waste. To find the best place for it, you need AI.

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