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Resonance AI Chosen as a TechCrunch Top Pick

We have been selected as a TechCrunch Top Pick for Disrupt 2020. 

We have created a platform that combines viewer performance data with the most advanced machine learning available, determining what in video content engages audiences. Insights are delivered with an unmatched efficiency and accuracy, for every industry using video today, including networks, studios, broadcasters, streaming platforms, advertisers and social networks.

“This is an incredible honor,” says co-founder and CEO Tom Chiarella. “And it’s a real recognition of our pioneering work in artificial intelligence and video analysis. Resonance AI is answering the ultimate question in media and advertising: why does one video resonate with the audience while another falls short?”

TechCrunch Top Picks is a distinction for only a handful of startups, with hundreds applying each year. The winners of the competition are given a coveted booth in Disrupt’s Startup Alley, along with a promotional video to highlight their groundbreaking accomplishments.

“We are delighted to be recognized as a Top Pick,” says co-founder and President/COO Randa Minkarah. “A look at past winners shows how insightful TechCrunch has been in picking some of the most exciting and emerging startups in the tech industry. It is thrilling to be listed among so many companies that are shaping the future.” We process the audio and visual elements of video and determines why and which content truly resonates with audiences. This groundbreaking technology makes millions of connections between these elements and viewer behaviors, producing intuitive analysis with dynamic visualizations available on a simple end-to-end platform. 

Some of the ways current customers are using our technology include: determining which elements in their content to highlight in the future (pacing, mood, colors, lighting, storylines); identifying their most valuable talent; validating the impact of news segments; gauging promos’ effect on program performance; and enriching content metadata to enhance recommendation engines as well as facilitate library classification.

Know your audience, grow your audience and keep them watching with Resonance AI. 

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