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Streaming May Get More Unscripted

There has been plenty of discussion, here and elsewhere, about how streaming has continued to thrive, and the focus for much of this has been on Netflix original series and how it can help create better scripted TV.

But some good news for Discovery shows that there very well may be an exploding market for unscripted content. From this article:

Discovery has surpassed 11 million paying subscription-video subscribers since the Discovery Plus launch, and is “on pace to be at 12 million by the end of the month.”

…93% of the company’s entire 55,000-episode television library has been watched since the streamer’s launch.

This is not only great news for Discovery, but especially notable because Discovery+ is providing a much larger library of unscripted TV. And, stands to reason, their bounty of new viewer metrics can allow them to shape a massive universe of future reality TV, especially if they're using AI.

By utilizing a platform like Resonance AI, Discovery+ would be able to see what elements in their programming were actually resonating with their audience. If such a large amount of content has been viewed, this means that many of the viewers aren’t just throwing on what they know and walking away, but instead sampling a large amount of programming.

And this can lead to multiple advantages for Discovery+. First, they will be able to determine which shows are going to appeal to which viewers, greatly strengthening their library optimization.

Secondly, this can help them determine the elements in the shows that are resonating the most with viewers. Therefore, new content that is being considered can include or exclude elements that have shown greater or more negative resonance.

And finally, since so much unscripted programming comes down to post-production, having a far more accurate handle on these elements can help content creators shape their episodes to deliver content in the way the audience truly wants.

AI has the ability to change the future of scripted programming. But the ways that unscripted content is unique presents a whole different set of challenges and incredible opportunities.

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