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The Streaming Movie Wars are Upon Us

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

When HBO Max announced that all Warner Brothers films in 2021 would be streaming on the platform alongside running in theaters, it was a bold step for film.

But then Netflix went and overshadowed this with an even bolder, cinematic move. According to this article:

Netflix plans to deliver 70 movies before the year’s end, according to Scott Stuber, Head of Original Films at Netflix. Of those, 52 will be English live-action films, ten non-English, and eight animated features.

Yes, a live-action film for every week of the year is planned and we imagine this is going to go a long way in shaping expectations of streaming movies. With the HBO Max news, and Disney+ pushing some of their biggest titles out on their platform, we are seeing a whole new wrinkle in how streamers are going to be competing for audiences.

And while analyzing films is a much different beast than analyzing a TV series, with this flood of content and the amount of metrics these platforms have on hand, they could offer some invaluable insights if the right AI is used for the analysis.

With a platform like Resonance AI, streamers would be able to analyze the elements of not just the films they’ve released, but all of their content as well as the ones in post-production. This can help in multiple ways.

First, knowing what is inside all of their content will be invaluable when updating recommendation engines and optimizing content libraries. Certain aspects of the content that may not have been picked up on will come through.

Second, of course, seeing what elements resonate with the audience, and which ones don’t, will give streamers a much fuller understanding of what kind of content to surface, based on those shared elements.

And finally, with a massive queue of movies in post-production, knowing the elements that have so far resonated, both positively and negatively, can offer invaluable input on last-minute changes that could turn a mild hit into a blockbuster (in streaming terms).

If streaming platforms are really where the evolution of cinema is headed, then those services need the most cutting edge technology available. They need Resonance AI.

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