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The Streaming World Considers "FAST"

It's time to learn a new acronym. FAST stands for Free, Ad-supported Streaming TV and it has the potential to save the advertising world.

While paid subscriptions are still plenty popular in this space, viewers seem to be increasingly open to paying less money and just wading through more ads. And that is not a terrible trade off for streamers, necessarily; initial revenue aside, this could significantly lower churn.

But what viewers want right now and what viewers will want down the road could very well change. Just slapping a bunch of ads before movies or throughout TV shows may seem like an easy solution, but will the audience be fine with streamers treating their content just like broadcasters or cable?

But there is a way to make it a better experience, using AI.

Streaming platforms that use the Resonance AI platform will quickly see which elements of the ad content impact audiences, positively and negatively, giving them an in-depth understanding of what works and what doesn't. This can also be used to find out what ads work in certain areas, or at certain times, and which ones need to be slotted somewhere else.

This kind of analysis will not only help streamers and advertisers better utilize existing advertising, but promote innovation. Experimenting with new ad formats, styles, focused ad breaks or new categories of advertising is risky if you can’t determine what works. But with Resonance AI, the platforms will receive quick, accurate, critical insight on what will keep their audience engaged.

Streamers need to be nimble and intelligent about FAST and every other possibility to keep their audience engaged. The marketplace is continually changing, and with Resonance AI they can change right along with it.

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