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TikTok Wants to Get Into Ads, the Platform Needs AI

Updated: Jul 2, 2020


The world of advertising, like the world of almost everything, is changing. One of those major leaps is the unveiling of TikTok for Business

If you somehow still don’t know what TikTok is, ask the first teenager you can find. With over 500 million monthly users throughout the world, the video-based social network has become a digital behemoth. Entire marketing wings are now dedicated to figuring out how best to promote brands to this large, young audience.

That is where TikTok for Business comes in. The company wants to figure out how best to monetize this platform, and so they are connecting users with brands to create what they hope to be authentic Tiktoks that promote the brand while also retaining the voice of the community.

This seems like something that could either be a masterstroke or a boondoggle. Let’s look at both.

The way this could work is exactly how it’s been pitched: TikTok users make ads for willing brands and then those brands have fresh content that is as appealing as the rest of the popular content put out by the community. It can also make for some really outside the box thinking that wouldn’t necessarily come from a normal ad agency.

The issue here is the same that arises when trying to combine brand-oriented work with a large community. The chance of getting video that may be trolling with subtle objectionable material is a possibility, there could be a lack of interest in helping out certain brands and videos that may capitalize on current trends may still not connect to the audience at large.

After all, even though TikTok users will be making the content, the brands themselves will have to do the vetting and deciding which of these videos they actually want broadcast to a large audience.

And this is where AI can operate as that additional layer of quality and safety.

By using AI to analyze large amounts of TikTok videos, when new videos are created, the AI can break down the elements of the video. And by comparing it to the engagement from the other videos, it can identify what in the video has engaged previous viewers.

This would help take out some of the guesswork of what will actually resonate with the people who will be watching them and it can be done quickly and efficiently, saving time, especially if the videos are in the dozens or even hundreds.

Furthermore, depending on any sort of brand safety concerns, the analysis can find anything that may cause a red flag, such as language, music or imagery.

TikTok clearly wants to spotlight the creativity of its community and also generate revenue for brands. AI is the crucial bridge to satisfy both sides.

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