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To Binge or Not to Binge, Al Helps Answer That Question

If you weren’t one of millions to tune in every week to WandaVision, it’s likely you heard at least someone discuss its twists, turns and (by most accounts) satisfying payoff.

And, as we already mentioned, unlike so many shows we have enjoyed on streaming recently, the show was delivered every week instead of in a binge format.

Was that the smart move? It seems so. Many people have mentioned that the weekly wait increased the tension of the next episode and may have led to viewers thinking and talking about it more than if it had all just been in a lump sum.

But this is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. For example, Tiger King may have still had an impact if it were in weekly installments, but the increasing insanity (and many people being stuck at home) made it a perfect binge watch.

So then how do you decide what should be spaced out and what should be delivered as a total package? AI may hold the answer.

With AI that analyzes a library, streamers can look at the elements that make up all of the content and make connections with how people watched it. Were the binge shows stopped after one or two episodes? Were the weekly shows watched, but not with the same immediacy?

Then by looking at the shows that have yet to air, comparing their elements with these releases can help figure out if one particular show is something the audience will want it all at once, or if they would prefer to wait and let the narrative simmer for a week.

This kind of analysis can not only help the content reach its intended audience, but it can have a massive effect on the post-production schedule. Producers can decide whether or not they need to toil over every last detail before the final push, or if they are able to put out the first episode and allow the rest of the series to be given a little more time to breathe and be put together in a more measured fashion.

The way a series is meted out can mean the difference between a massive success or a big-time flop. With Resonance AI, that decision can be much easier.

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