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No one knows when the COVID pandemic will end, but looking at recent viewer metrics, the sit-at-home-and-binge trend seems to be wearing off.

According to this article, streaming is beginning to decline from the dizzying highs it hit in early April, as weather improves and fears decline about going outside. Streaming services are seeing their numbers drop significantly, though more streaming continues to happen when compared to last year.

The real problem is with network TV, which had seen less hemorrhaging of viewers during the beginnings of the pandemic. But the floodgates have opened anew, according to research. Streaming is simply becoming the go-to place for people to watch content while networks are only seeing people moving away, and at an accelerated clip.

Yes, it is true that cable news seems to be doing relatively well at the moment, but such newsworthy times are not guaranteed forever. And while sports will eventually come back, there are plenty of question marks surrounding what that actually means, and if it will be as compelling as it once was.

Of course, people watching TV less in no way translates to less content being available. HBO Max has debuted with its massive movie and series library, with Peacock right around the corner. And though Quibi has had an incredibly rough beginning, its intention to be the streaming service for on-the-go will now find more people who are actually going places.

So this brings us back to the fundamental issue of video content: when studios and networks begin creating more content again, and even more streaming services debut -- but there are fewer eyeballs for all of it -- how does anything garner an audience? When it's not Tiger King during a pandemic, how will anyone know what works?

Resonance AI is the quickest, most efficient way to gauge content and figure out what is truly impacting the audience. Putting out content and trying to guess what sustains audience engagement creates too much risk when there is so little wiggle room and so much else vying for a viewer's attention.

By tying specific content elements to viewer metrics, deciding what should be emphasized and what should be moderated, Resonance AI shows you objectively what is working, and what isn't.

There is more than enough content to go around and it's only getting more crowded. It's time for a data-driven approach and a comprehensive view of how to connect with the audience.

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