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Why AI is Needed For the T-Commerce Revolution

If you haven’t heard about T-commerce yet, allow us to initiate you, because it's quite simple and may also be everywhere in no time.

According to this article, the basic definition is the sale of goods directly through TV screens, and while you have probably heard about this idea for years, it may actually be happening now. Also from the article:

T-commerce is in its “early days,” Cheng cautioned, but one encouraging example has been [Amazon]’s partnership with pop star Rihanna’s fashion brand Savage x Fenty. Starting in 2019, Amazon has streamed its star-studded fall shows and embedded those streams with buying opportunities.

Yes, not surprisingly, Amazon is leading the charge in connecting shows with products you can actually just purchase through the screen. But even though this seems like a match made in heaven, there are many considerations.

One of the major ones is that you can’t just pack a show with products to buy if people can’t keep enjoying the show. There won’t be anyone to buy anything if they switch to a show where they aren’t being bombarded with the hard sell.

This is why AI could be a crucial tool in using T-commerce to actually enhance the experience of the content.

By using the Resonance AI platform, Amazon would be able to determine when its audience is engaged during a particular product placement and when they find it irritating enough that they no longer want to watch that scene or even the whole show.

By tracking engagement based on how the audience is reacting, content creators will gain significant insights related to how T-commerce is working and how far to push it.

Going further, this kind of AI tracking can also begin to make connections between what the audience enjoys in the content and what kind of products they would most want to buy. It’s the perfect balance of promoting products without encroaching on the narrative.

As Amazon even acknowledges, there is a long way to go to make T-commerce everything it could be. But with Resonance AI, it has a chance to get closer and do it sooner.

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