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Advertisers Should Push Streamers On Diversity

Two of the biggest surprises when it comes to streaming are that one, people seem to continue collecting more and more streaming services, and two, people are willing to watch commercials if their viewing experience is free or cheaper.

This means that advertisers have a lot of opportunities to appeal to a large cross-section of viewers, and one data point that is getting extra attention is the larger share of POC viewers who are watching this kind of content. From this article:

More than a third of the audiences for Tubi (39%) and Pluto (36%) are Black, more than double their share of the population. More than a fifth of YouTube viewers are LatinX. And the audiences of corporate siblings Disney Plus and Hulu are overwhelmingly white (68% and 69%, respectively). By comparison, only 57% of Netflix viewers are white.

If streamers have the potential to appeal to this more diverse audience, that is great news for the advertisers who are looking for ways to hit demos that may be tougher to reach.

But while there is a lot of potential there, streamers also need to figure out how to hold onto these viewers as competition continues to show up everywhere. And AI would be one of the best tools for this.

By looking at the composition of the films and shows that are attracting these viewers, streamers can get a better handle on the kind of content they should create or license and what will resonate with these audiences. Instead of just guessing and hoping for the best, streamers can start making strategic decisions based on objective data about the preferences of these demos.

This can also help with recommendation engines, giving the streamer a much more robust understanding of what content should be placed up top and what should be de-prioritized.

Diversity is important regardless, but advertisers would certainly benefit from streaming going the extra distance to appeal to a diverse audience. Resonance AI can make that happen.

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