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As Streamers Consolidate, AI is a Great Matchmaker

With the stunning news of Amazon buying MGM for over 8 billion dollars, the tide has shifted in streaming, as companies are combining to create larger and larger libraries.

Along with WarnerMedia and Discovery’s merger, it is likely only a matter of time until the dozens and dozens of smaller streaming platforms are vacuumed up to add to these mega-platforms.

But when so many of those small streamers cater to a fairly niche audience, questions loom as to whether or not it’s going to be worth the money. After all, there is little point in buying a streamer if the content they are offering isn’t going to noticeably increase subscriptions and/or slow down churn.

But by using AI focused on the elements of content, as well as their resonance with the audience, these decisions can be much easier.

By analyzing both their current library, and the library of prospective streamers to acquire, platforms can quickly get a sense of whether these libraries are in sync.

But more importantly, by looking at how the content of these libraries are truly resonating with audiences, platforms can understand exactly what kind of viewers they would be trying to appeal to.

If a platform can analyze what elements the audience of a smaller streamer truly wants to see, they’ll have an in-depth understanding of if their own content will resonate. Conversely, they can see if their own audience has been engaged with the kind of content available from this smaller streamer.

In other words, they can gain valuable insights into how this streamer would enrich their library and how they would cater to a new audience.

As many expected, streaming is consolidating. But finding the best matches of these platforms will not only help the streamers, but the viewers as well.

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