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Is the Era of Peak TV Over?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Wikipedia: In the United States, the current Golden Age of Television, or Peak TV, has been a period widely regarded as being marked by a large number of "high quality", internationally acclaimed television programs.

Peak TV is thought to have started around the time of The Sopranos and it continues to this day… or does it?

According to this article, scripted television is going to see its first decline in years, and it’s not going to look like a blip. That doesn’t mean that there will not be a resurgence once studios feel safe(r) starting production again, but there have been some large-scale movements in the wake of cord-cutting and the growth of streaming.

Ratings are just not what they used to be for this kind of content, and networks that once counted on a wealth of scripted TV are downsizing and trying to figure out how to keep viewers without something new to depend on.

So if new content can’t be produced, it may be time to hit the archive and see what can be unearthed. This is where reliable, efficient content intelligence can make all the difference.

A vast archive of television can’t just be watched by a large group of people and catalogued in any realistic way. To get a sense of what there is, what the commonalities are and what content elements they have that reflect current programming, it requires the nuance of a viewer but the processing power of AI.

By using Content Intelligence, a massive amount of video can be analyzed and broken down into the elements that are most important to viewers. Instead of simply cataloguing video by broad attributes, Content Intelligence can identify dialogue, lighting, mood and other aspects of the video that can be quickly utilized to strategize what will likely resonate with viewers.

This is not the end of TV, but there have to be new ways to think about what will keep an audience engaged. While new content will continue to be a major driver of television, discovering the hidden gems of your catalogue with AI can be invaluable.

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