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Netflix Hears the Tik Tok of Opportunity

Netflix still sits comfortably atop streaming as its chief rival Disney+ has shown some significant slowdown in subscriptions, but that doesn’t mean the company is resting on its laurels.

In fact, it is looking to Tik Tok for inspiration on how to attract some younger viewers to their programming. According to this article:

The “Kids Clips” feature, appearing on Netflix’s iOS app, will show short videos from the company’s existing library of children’s programs and movies. Netflix plans to add new clips daily based on its current and future offerings.

Essentially these are commercials in a format that is more familiar with kids, on a device that they watch much more than a TV. And this seems like an idea with a lot of potential, but would be truly elevated by utilizing AI.

By combining their vast amounts of viewer data with something like Resonance AI, Netflix would be able to home in on exactly what bits of their shows would have the most impact on kids.

By looking at the elements of the shows, the streamer would be able to go beyond guesswork and make informed decisions on what will resonate with younger viewers. As they plan to do this both for older and newer shows, machine learning would be an invaluable tool for both.

With existing programs they would be able to find those moments that are most likely to make viewers watch. But for newer programming, by looking at what elements have already had success, they would be able to know which elements in the new show would have the most success.

Gaining ground on Disney+ in the younger demographic is crucial for Netflix, and AI is the way for them to confidently take those steps towards success.

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