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Netflix Might License content; But Which Content?

Netflix produces more content than any one human could possibly consume. That hasn’t stopped them from continuing to produce all of that content, but they might have gotten the hint that some of these shows and movies could have a better life somewhere else. From this article:

But in what could be a major departure in strategy, the streaming giant in recent months has explored licensing some of its movies and series to other TV outlets owned by companies like NBCUniversal and ViacomCBS, say people familiar with the situation.

This, of course, goes against everything that Netflix seems to stand for, with their endless fountain of video that you can scroll through endlessly. But it’s possible they understand that some of this genuinely good stuff is getting lost in their library and it would be better to have it get attention in a smaller pond. But determining what should be licensed and what should be kept for themselves can’t be a very straightforward task.

If Netflix were to start making these decisions, AI would be an invaluable tool in knowing what could go and what should stay.

By using the Resonance AI platform, Netflix could determine what elements of the content they have are resonating the most with their audience.

This would allow them to analyze the current content they have yet to release and start making decisions on what will keep their audience watching Netflix and what doesn’t quite fit.

In fact, anyone working with Netflix could do the same, seeing what truly engages the audience and then making decisions on what they would prefer to license from the streamer and what would not be the best fit.

Netflix is a content machine and it makes sense that they may have enough to go around. But to match the best content with the best audience, Resonance AI is crucial.

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