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Streamers Need to Start Respecting Their Elders

While streaming continues to rocket in popularity, there is one group that continues to be taken for granted: your parents.

Those who are 55+ have not traditionally been one of the key demos for these platforms. This is especially true because even if they may have a streaming service (or borrow the password from their children), they haven’t been known to use the platform like the younger generations. For example, they haven’t been big on binge-watching episodes, something that has become a major feature of streaming.

But things have changed, according to this article:

Older video audiences are acquiring streaming-centric behaviors at a fast-growing rate, with 55+ year-olds making up 23% of all U.S. binge viewers. Sitting down to watch multiple episodes of a TV show was used as a promotion tool by Netflix following its pivot into on-demand streaming. As a result, binge viewing grew from an activity carried out by 28% of U.S. consumers, to one where 53% of all consumers aged 16+ engaged in the behavior by Q4 2020.

So if the older generations are beginning to use streaming like the younger generations, it seems like now is the time to start making some more programming for those older generations.

Clearly, they are finding stuff to watch, but there’s no question that much of what is on streaming is being dreamed up and produced for a young crowd. Whether that means more modern editing, dialogue, music, etc., an argument can be made that there is an age gap between this particular audience and a lot of streaming content.

So how does that get fixed? AI could be one of the best tools to figure it out.

By using Resonance AI to both track the behaviors of the 55+ demo and see what they like, and don’t, content creators can have a much better idea of exactly what will appeal to them and what will keep them bingeing.

This means that all elements in the content can be looked at to determine what will resonate and which things are not getting through. Then, using AI-based library optimization, the programs can be surfaced for this audience, to compel them to be even more engaged.

Streaming is only increasing in popularity for everyone, so it’s time to include everyone as much as possible. And AI is how to make it happen.

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