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Will a British Show Succeed in America? AI Can Find Out

When it comes to major streaming services with the potential to upend the whole landscape, we have reached the last big one, at least for a little bit.

Yes, NBCUniversal’s service is now live and streaming its seemingly endless hours of content; another place to go and watch series and films if you somehow, some way, still have time to watch more stuff.

But Peacock, like other recent streamers, is banking on a large amount of content that has already aired. Their lineup of originals is quite sparse and even sparser when you look a little closer. Of the three “new” series, two of them are actually British. The dearth of original content is not necessarily surprising, as Peacock has a massive catalogue that doesn’t necessarily require stuff which hasn’t been seen before.

But Netflix is not going away, and its costly gambit to spend on original content so far has only paid off. Stands to reason that streamers like Peacock will realize sooner or later they need to focus more on original content. And, their initial step shows that they are considering pulling content from outside the country instead of investing heavily in fully new domestic fare.

This is also a pretty good idea considering that film and TV production is still up in the air and getting something new off the ground right now is somewhat dicey. Credit to Netflix for stocking their shelves before COVID-19 hit, but one way for others to catch up is to find existing content that most Americans have yet to see.

But how do you figure out what kind of content is going to be a hit stateside? There are plenty of angles to consider, as a major hit in Europe doesn’t mean a major hit in America. For example, Eastenders has aired over 6,000 episodes but it’s unlikely the soap opera would have such an indelible impact here.

So how do you figure out what will resonate once it’s been plucked from across the pond? AI can offer some incredible insights.

Using content analysis, AI can break down all the elements of the series. If the streamer uses this same analysis on the content they’re already streaming, then they will quickly find what international content has similar elements. This is the first step to seeing what could possibly appeal to their audience.

Then, using the available metrics, Resonance AI can determine which of these elements are the most impactful on the audience. Cultural barriers aside, this kind of analysis shows which of these elements that the domestic audience enjoys is actually effective in this international show.

And, equipped with this understanding of what works, the streamer can be a lot more confident in deciding what will be added to its library.

The quickest way to add “new” content is to track down the best available international shows. And the smartest way to find out which ones are truly the best is to use Resonance AI.

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