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With Fresh FILMS and Series Running Low, Content Libraries Get a Renewed Look

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Even though it may not seem like it, content is a finite resource. With so many productions having been shut down due to the coronavirus, creators and studios are growing increasingly concerned about what exactly they’ll put on screens in the near future.

Even Netflix may not fully weather the storm, according to this article. While the streaming giant has been one of the few places consistently debuting new films and series during the pandemic, the longer this continues, the closer they get to running on empty.

The fact of the matter is that the media industry needs to be more strategic about what they do with the content they already have. And while there are many studios that are content rich, they are insight poor.

The vast catalogs of content out there make it impossible to watch all of it in any meaningful way, let alone log details about characters and dialogue. And a library that can’t be evaluated can’t be shown to an audience.

This is why AI is an absolute necessity when it comes to optimizing your library.

The Resonance AI platform provides the most innovative, accurate look at everything inside your video. Using what we call Content Intelligence, the platform breaks down all audio and visual elements — talent, dialogue, music, themes — to provide a complete, nuanced view of what’s on screen.

Whether it’s film or a TV series, this is the most comprehensive analysis of video available. It is the only way to know what is actually inside your library.

With this enriched content metadata, use cases include:

  • Track the time each main character spends on screen

  • The only reliable tracking of cartoon characters

  • The only reliable tracking of characters in black and white

  • Track the pace of editing

  • Track the color palette, brightness and light temperature

  • Track the motions of the camera as well as the motion on screen

  • Produce an audio transcription

  • Track nudity and and explicit language

  • Track music by timecode

  • Determine dialogue complexity and sentiment

  • Track words per minute

  • Know how to better present titles for marketing campaigns

  • Create stronger, more specialized recommendation engines

At some point the cameras will start rolling again, but the need to capitalize on existing content will not go away. The Resonance AI Platform is crucial to knowing the value of your video library and how to deliver the kind of content your audience truly wants to see.

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